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Thank you for a great RV purchasing experience.

I found the exact, not just a close, but the exact match for an RV that I was interested in.

My first visit to Paul Everts RV Country was just to quick, see the trailer that I had found on my internet search, and leave.

Your amazing staff, Mark and Betsy met me on the lot, quickly help me find the trailer that I had found over the internet, showed me around the trailer, and gave me the information that I needed to quickly make an informed decision, and sent me on my merry way.

There was no pressure, no spam emails, no spam phone calls. They simply gave me the information that I needed to make my decision to purchase the trailer.

Your sales staff is stellar. Mark and Betsy really are the best!

Your organization is just plain awesome. The purchase process, thanks to you Kevin, was very quick and easy.

I will be sure to recommend any and all future RV buyers to your business.

Thanks again for all of your help Kevin.

Our experience with Paul Evert's RV was a great experience. Everyone, from sales people, managers, carpet cleaning guy, rv wash guy, delivery guy, walk thru guy, Victoria, and others working in the service area, were always friendly and helpful. Our 2 days in Quartzsite, even though hectic, was educational and enjoyable, you guys run a 1st class operation in the middle of the desert.

Thanks again,

Larry & Lissa

My husband and I would like to congratulate you on your Bullhead City store. We purchased a used Motor home from them in November.

We enjoyed dealing with Dave Petit the salesmen very much. He was patient and understanding when we could not at first decide on which RV was right for us. There was no pressure and his knowledgeable advice was very much appreciated.

Bob was infinitely helpful when it came to paying for the RV and we believe that the amount allowed for our trade in RV was fair. As I mentioned, the RV was used and there were a few problems with some of the systems. We were assured that the coach systems would all be in working order and if not would be repaired or replaced. They stood by their word and cheerfully repaired or replaced everything that needed attention to the best of their ability.

Krystle, Marshall, and Robert were really great with the repairs and the walk through. Marshall was our go-to guy with all our technical questions and his knowledge was really appreciated.

Our purchase was about 10 feet longer than our trade in and Dave was very kind and helpful when I took it for a test drive. I was very nervous but he remained calm and reassuring which was so appreciated.

Well, let me conclude by saying we were very pleased with our experience at Paul Evert's RV Country in Bullhead City Arizona.

We will definitely return there when we are ready to "step up" and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants a pleasant, hassle free RV purchase.

Lyn from Bullhead City, AZ
I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity to experience RVing. It was a trip full of wonderful memories our family will cherish for a lifetime! This was a first for all of us and we count our blessings for the time we shared together. Thank you for making this trip possible!!
Chris from Fresno, CA
I just wanted to let you know how fortunate you are to have Jason and Joe working for you. I have been full timing in one rig or another for 15 years. No one works on my coach but Paul Everts. I had a front tire blow and damaged the step and body in Kentucky and drove all the way to Fresno because l know your staff would fix it right. When I get down because another unplanned repair happens, Jason's humour never fails to make it feel better. This last visit on 11-6-14 was for water damage to a slide out and I braced for a costly repair. I had an entry door latch problem as well and confessed to Jason that I could only afford the slide repair. Jason and Joe was able to fix all my problems...door included within budget! I was pleased at see Joe's pride in the skillful repair to my slide. It is now better than new!

I am a retired Plant Manager and learned early on that the employees are a company's greatest asset. Your crews the best.

Your employees are a reflection of your skills as a manager.

Thank you for a job well done.

Paul from Box Elder, SD
We tried to purchase from Mike Thompson but they were considerably higher in price ($6,000) then Paul Evert RV Country in Fresno CA. We asked salesman at Mike Thompson to meet Paul Evert's quoted price but they claimed it was below dealers price, claimed Paul Evert's would add services charges and fees when we went to purchase, so they would not meet quote. We decided that travel time for us would be close when you looked at traffic to Mike Thompson and no traffic to Paul Evert's plus the $6,000 dollars difference in quote, no brainer, Paul Evert's got our business. Whole deal was done via phone and email our sales person was Corina Martinez & she was great to work with. Deal was as stated no additional fees or service charges. Our coach was ordered it took two months almost to the day from order to delivery.

We picked the coach up next day after we got the call that it had been delivered. Upon arrival the coach was clean, and completely prepped. Our walk through with Christopher was great very detailed and complete. After our walk through was done, he asked if we found any issues, we discovered a few minor issues, biggest was a drivers side window had bad gasket. They informed us that they noticed that the bathroom door had a crack and table had a chip, side table in bedroom was "sharp." We were surprised since our last coach the dealer avoided making repairs and this dealer was finding things to repair. We went back and checked and sure enough those items needed repair, but we had missed them when we did what we thought was thorough inspection. The chip in the table was so small I am not sure I would have even requested repair if I would have found it on my own. Paul Evert RV Country has several camp sites at the dealer that have electric and water for customers. We stayed four days no charge, tried out everything in coach, asked additional question, our service contact was Pat Clyde he was great. Several times we walked into service dept. and asked a question. Pat Clyde, said hey come on I'll show you, walked back to our coach and showed or fixed the issue. Super service from sales, finance and service.

I called service this week wanted to make appointment to pick up the new table and have a few minor fixes dealt with. Pat asked what day we wanted to come, he told me if we needed to change the day just come up and he would take care of us anytime. Pat told us to drive up the night before and stay in their RV park free of charge and stay as long as we need to. As a side note we had full set of extra keys made for the coach made for around $10.00. If you are traveling with pets they are very pet friendly, I cannot believe how welcoming they were to our dogs.

John from Thousand Oaks, CA
Just wanted to give a compliment to Steve Nelson and the gentleman who was with him in a golf cart at the Daytona GS Rally.

They went out of their way to be helpful to us, and we are grateful!!!

Bob and Linda

Bob from Cedar Key, FL
It has been my experience, over many years of receiving service on my RV at Paul Evert's RV Country, that Mr Jason Hunt, Service Advisor, represents your company in a most exemplary fashion.

He always presented himself in a professional, helpful and friendly manner. Jason was always knowledgeable about service options, offered suggestions and always seemed to have the customer's well-being in mind. Even though encountering him in the most disadvantaged environment, that of have to spend money to have repairs/service performed on my RV, I always felt comfortable with Jason and his service.

I will always recommend Paul Evert's RV Country to my friends and acquaintances for RV service.

Jerry from Fresno, CA
Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the excellent service we recently received at the Fresno, CA facility of Paul Evert's RV Country on April 11, 2011. What started out to be a routine maintenance service of our 2005 Allegro Bus resulted in a major repair of a leakage in the passenger side of the bay area. The entire staff there treated us with consideration during a time which was extremely stressful for us. We have been fulltime RVers for six years and everytime we have needed services at Paul Evert's, we have experienced great treatment. We especially want to thank Chris Arreola and Rod Ploeckelmann for their knowledge, skills, insight, preparedness and professionalism. They are appreciated and are very valuable at what they do. Please see that these two men and the other employees receive and accept our commendation. Also, thanks for the yummy popcorn!


Alex and Connie Pestrello

Alex from Box Elder, SD
I purchased my 97 HR Imperial in Bullhead City, AZ last December. It had some problems so two weeks ago I took it to Paul Evert's in Fresno. The service department was great especially Hank the Service Manager. He worked hard to get my coach repaired and between Bob the GM at Bullhead and Hank they fixed my concerns at no charge to myself. We just took a trip to Sacramento, then to Pismo Beach and back home and we had a fantastic time.

Thanks Hank and Bob. It's nice to be able to say good things about a repair facility rather than just the bad. They earned my business and my respect.

Stephen from Santa Clarita, CA


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